We Buy Books!


Tin Can Mailman buys thousands of books (including TEXTBOOKS) year round. Come sell or trade your books 5 days a week. We offer cash or credit for your gently used books. We evaluate your books based on condition, salability, how current, how popular, and how many copies we have. We cannot stress enough that condition is very important to your books being accepted.   We do not take smelly, moldy or dirty books so please take the time to make all your trades are in good, clean condition!

On average, we give twice as much credit as cash. Please note that once you opt for credit.  All customer accounts that have no activity for the last 5 years will be made INACTIVE, so please come in and use you credit on a regular basis.  We will always have a huge and varied selection to choose from!  Should you choose to opt for cash, we require a photo ID in order to pay you out.

 We will be continually adjusting the trade limits to accommodate inventory volume. 

The Tin Can Mailman is purchasing books by appointment only at this time.

Please call ahead of time (707 822-1307) to speak with the manager or book buyer to schedule an appointment. We can accept boxes or bags the size of a filing box or smaller. If you don't have containers that small, we have extras that we can transfer your books into. Each appointment is for the entire day, 11am-6pm, any time that works for you. Due to constraints of space, we can only accept up to 9 boxes a day. There will be a two day hold on all incoming books to allow for decontamination.


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